Bow House in Hertfordshire is a dental practice that prides itself on its excellence in all areas of dentistry. Established in 1989, we are an experienced, professional dental practitioner and we are dedicated to fulfilling your dental needs. We invest heavily in training, equipment and state of the art technology to make sure that we maintain a top level of quality in our dentistry.

teeth-straightening-HertfordshireOur modern waiting areas are the epitome of style and relaxation. Watch one of the DVDs playing whilst we make you a cup of coffee. We make sure you feel special and comfortable at all times. If you are a nervous patient, we have many further options to make you feel at ease, including a top of the range sedation clinic, run by Dr Rachel Keir.

Teeth straightening services

Misaligned teeth can cause real damage to personal confidence. Having a crooked smile or overlapping teeth can prevent you from having the smile you would like to have. Perhaps it is time to fix this and consider having professional braces fitted.

What comes to mind when you think of braces? That historical image of thick, metal “train tracks”, spitting whilst talking, problems when eating and speaking? What used to be the necessary evil in getting straighter teeth has now thankfully been left in the past, where it belongs!

At Bow House, Hertfordshire, Invisalign treatments are offered by our Dr Edward Masheder. Invisalign braces boast a multitude of significant benefits. For starters, they are wire-free: Invisalign braces contain no wires, and no brackets. Daily care is not a problem, you can simply remove the braces and brush and floss daily as normal. If you would like to whiten your teeth simultaneously, this is fine when wearing these braces. Results with Invisalign in Hertfordshire are also much more quick than conventional methods, starting from as little as six months! The main benefit of course, is the fact that Invisalign is completely clear and therefore, near invisible, so nobody ever need know that you are wearing braces.

So go on, show off your smile, not your braces by investing in Invisalign in Hertfordshire, here at the excellent Bow House. Contact us today!