Children Dentist

Your child’s attitudes towards oral hygiene and the need to visit a dentist regularly can be greatly impacted by the children dental experiences that they are exposed to in early life.

From brushing your children’s teeth for them in early infancy, to supporting them to learn how to brush their own teeth and later to floss, you are putting in place the foundations for the healthy smile that they will need and appreciate as adults. Every time you explain to them that their dietary choices can have an impact on their milk teeth, you are helping them to learn how to take care of the adult teeth that will last them a lifetime.

To support you in your efforts to impress upon your children the need for good oral hygiene, we do everything we can to ensure that their early visits to our dental practice are positive. Our dentists, orthodontists and hygienists are all skilled in putting nervous patients (and their parents!) at ease and are very gentle, especially when dealing with little mouths.

The services that we offer our youngest patients include:

• Maintenance of primary teeth – your children’s dentist will reinforce all that you have been teaching them about maintaining a good oral hygiene routine and can help to teach them how to brush effectively. They will also keep a close eye on how your children’s teeth are growing, looking for early signs of decay and planning for any correction of irregularities in the future if necessary.

• Tooth decay detection – we use specialist equipment to spot cavities that may be hidden under the enamel, or infections that begin in the root canal. Early detection of this type of problem can ensure that treatment begins before your child suffers pain; it also avoids the need for more invasive and expensive treatment later on.

• Fluoride applications and fissure sealants – this is a completely painless, preventative treatment that will protect your children’s teeth from decay. A tooth-coloured sealant is gently and carefully applied to the biting surfaces of the teeth. This can be done during the course of a routine check-up appointment and requires no anaesthetic.

• Sports guard fitting – these may be required when your children start secondary school, where they will participate in a wider range of sports, or your children may already enjoy a sport for which a guard is advisable. We can make bespoke sports guards that will fit perfectly, offering maximum protection for you children’s growing teeth and gums.

Children’s orthodontics

We also have highly experienced and dedicated orthodontic dentists at Bow House who are very skilled at taking care of young patients’ teeth. We have over a decade of experience in providing orthodontic services to our patients at our practice in Tring, Hertfordshire, and we attract customers from all over the local area because of our solid reputation for excellent care and high quality treatment products.

We offer a range of orthodontic options including:

– Invisilign Teen braces that are not only transparent but also have ‘wear indicators’ to help you to closely monitor when your child needs to return to us for their braces to be adjusted. These are a popular choice amongst our young patients because the braces are unobtrusive and also removable, meaning that your child can eat and brush their teeth as normal.

– Removable braces that are discreet and allow your child to continue to enjoy their normal diet and clean their teeth as usual. These use thin wires to gently manipulate the teeth into the desired position.

A financial package is available if needed and this can be discussed with you when deciding what treatment option is best suited to your child.
To ensure that your child receives the best possible care right from the start, contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation to discuss how we can support your efforts to give your children beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime.

Contact us today to see how this system can help you to achieve a perfect smile by arranging a free consultation with one of our dedicated, experienced dental orthodontists.