Dental implants could just be the ideal solution to your missing tooth woes. Bow House in Hertfordshire offers a range of implant-based solutions to tooth loss, whether you have lost one tooth, some teeth, or even all of your natural teeth.

dental-implants-hertfordshireTooth loss can be embarrassing. Whether age, poor oral health, an accident or injury has caused you to lose one or more of your natural teeth, it can affect your self-image and your confidence in both professional and personal environments.

At our Hertfordshire dental practice we are keen to point out the health implications of tooth loss, too. Even if you have only lost one tooth, your remaining teeth will immediately be put under more strain. They may move into the gap, too, becoming twisted, crooked, and harder to keep free of plaque in the process. When several teeth are missing your diet is likely to be restricted, and your speech may suffer too.

Bow House in Hertfordshire welcomes new patients for consultations about dental implants, whatever the circumstances of your tooth loss. Implants give your dentist a permanent method of replacing your missing natural teeth, restoring functionality as well as aesthetic appeal to your jaw.

Hertfordshire dental implants: how it works

We use several different dental implant systems at our Hertfordshire dental practice, so your dentist will find the ideal one for your needs. Some systems work better in patients who have already experienced bone loss, so if this applies in your case (for example, if you have struggled with loose dentures for a while) Mini or Midi implants may be recommended.

Dental implants replace the root parts of one or more lost teeth. Placed in your jaw bone under local anaesthetic or sedation at our Hertfordshire dental clinic, the implants form a strong bond with your bone over a period of three to six months, and have a comparable strength to natural tooth roots.

A single crown, an implant-retained bridge, or a denture can then be attached to abutments on top of your implants. This will give you back the ability to eat what you like, and will soon have you smiling again.