Dental implants could be the perfect solution if you have missing teeth. At Bow House in Hertfordshire our skilled implant dentist can use them to replace one, some, or all of your natural teeth, whatever the reason you have lost them.

dental-implants-HertfordshireHow dental implants work

The field of implantology has grown rapidly over the past three decades, meaning that dental implants are now – in many cases – the best solution to tooth loss. Missing teeth always need to be replaced, for the sake of both your dental and general health. Implants are the only permanent way to do so, and the only tooth replacement that tackles the issue of bone loss.

Our teeth comprise both roots and crowns, but standard dental bridgework and dentures only replace the crowns. This causes problems because when the roots are missing, the jaw bone begins to resorb or shrink. Bone shrinkage can make traditional dentures loose, unwieldy, and uncomfortable, and can cause a prematurely aged appearance as the skin around the face and jowls can start to sag. In some cases bone loss can actually alter the whole appearance of your face.

Dental implants address these problems because they are, in effect, bionic tooth roots. Small titanium screws or posts that are placed in direct contact with your jaw bone in a minor operation at our Hertfordshire dental practice, they form a strong bond with the bone, anchoring your new teeth in your jaw and actively preventing bone loss.

Hertfordshire dental implants

We offer several types of dental implants at Bow House in Hertfordshire, including some options that are specifically designed for people who have already experienced bone loss. When you come in for a consultation, your dentist will discuss the best solution to fit your needs.

At our Hertfordshire dental practice, we place dental implants under either local anaesthetic or sedation, depending on your preference. Sometimes your dentist can attach permanent new teeth straight away, whilst in other cases it is best to leave your dental implants to heal for a few months.

At Bow House in Hertfordshire we can use implants combined with either crowns, bridgework, or dentures, to restore full functionality to your mouth.