Everyone knows that when you meet someone, whether for business or pleasure, perhaps the most powerful thing you can do is smile.But for people who have lost some of their teeth, smiling is not so simple. We see patients who have spent so long hiding their teeth they either find it impossible to smile and laugh naturally or they cover their mouth with their hand whenever they laugh or smile. At Bow House your smile is important to us. If you are scared to smile in case you show your teeth then we can help.

dental-implants-hertfordshireThe first thing to do is find out if dental implants are the right solution for you. When you first contact us you may be invited for an initial consultation at our clinic in Hertfordshire. Dental implants are already giving many patients the confidence to smile with ease and if you want to join them then get in touch by email or phone.

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is usually a titanium screw and a crown. If the root of a tooth has failed the titanium screw is like a replacement root because it is placed directly in the jawbone. The screw fixes your new replacement tooth firmly in place.

At Bow House Dental we are proud of the quality of our dental implants in Hertfordshire as well as our excellent reputation for patient care. We aim to ensure all our patients receive all the support they need every stage of their treatment.

What happens if I need implants?

After your consultation we will provide you with a plan before you start your treatment so you know what to expect. We keep you informed throughout the process and offer useful advice on how to look after your implants once you have completed the treatment. Our team for dental implants in Hertfordshire will explain any adjustments you may need to make to your oral hygiene routine to ensure you get the best out of your new teeth. If you follow the aftercare advice you should have no problems at all. We advise any patient who has a concern to speak to us or book a follow-up consultation.