The Bow House Dental Mini Smile Makeover is the perfect cosmetic dental solution for patients who have mildly crooked teeth or a misshaped tooth, small gaps or teeth that are discoloured, but otherwise healthy and unrestored.

Treatment often includes cosmetic contouring (to gently shape the teeth so they are even) and sometimes the use of white fillings or composite bonding to close any small gaps or improve the general shape of the teeth.

Combined with stain removal and an at-home whitening kit, the procedure aims to enhance your own teeth by improving any crooked or uneven parts of your smile.  Subtlety improving what you already have without the use of crowns, caps or veneers.

These magic Mini Smile Makeovers are becoming more and more popular with our patients because they are affordable and minimally invasive meaning they suit most people’s budgets and busy lifestyles.

At Bow House Dental we believe everyone should have the chance to have a smile they can be proud of and show off.  And our Mini Smile Makeover is a painless, non-invasive and cost-effective way to give your smile a boost, and unlike some other cosmetic dental procedures can usually be carried out in just one visit, which offers significant financial savings over conventional porcelain veneers.

During the appointment we may use a dental technique called composite bonding to cover minor imperfections, improve proportions and shape to give you a beautiful smile.  Your dentist will use their knowledge and artistic ability to sculpt and blend the composite resin material to match your natural teeth before the material is applied directly to the tooth surface.

Bonding dentistry has seen huge advances in recent years and it can be used to close small gaps and to hide minor tooth rotations and other minor imperfections. No damage at all is caused to your teeth as there is no drilling and no injections involved.

If you are interested in this cost effective smile design solution book a consultation, we’ll explain everything in detail, understand your exact requirements and use 3D design software to help create your perfect smile before any treatment is started, so you know exactly what results to expect.  Call the practice and find out if a Mini Smile Makeover is the right choice for you.