Would you like to change the colour or shape of your teeth, without damaging them?

Would you like a minimally invasive smile makeover?

Would you like change your smile forever in a single visit?

Composite tooth bonding is growing in popularity.  This versatile treatment offers significant financial savings over conventional porcelain laminate veneers is minimally invasive and could change your smile in a single visit.

Using a material called composite resin which has many applications in dentistry we can restore a broken edge, lighten teeth, improve tooth proportions and form or redesign your entire smile.

Key facts:

  • Tooth bonding can be used to hide the gaps between your teeth.
  • Tooth bonding can cover the chips and cracks in your teeth.
  • Composite resin is a great alternative to silver amalgam fillings.
  • This versatile material can be used to form practically any shape, and can be customised to match the colour of your teeth.

Here are a few of the ways composite tooth bonding can help restore your smile.

Cracked teeth

If you have a crack in one of your teeth, composite tooth bonding can help prevent the
crack from extending as well as strengthen your tooth. The resin material can also help minimise the appearance of cracks, especially tiny cracks that may be extensive and cause your smile to become discoloured.

Chipped teeth

Chips happen for a variety of reasons and are fairly common.  Composite tooth bonding is an excellent choice for repairing chipped teeth that may be stopping you from smiling more often.  It can restore the tooth, prevent further damage, and create an even look, restoring your confidence in a single visit.

Close gaps in teeth

If you wish to close a single gap between teeth, composite tooth bonding is the ideal solution.  Using the composite resin we can build out the teeth on either side of the gap to effectively close the gap.  However, if the gap is very wide or if you have multiple gaps in your smile we may recommend an adult brace, aligner or dental veneers instead.

Repair Tooth Cavities

Composite resin is a popular choice for tooth coloured fillings as it is invisible after placement unlike amalgam (silver) fillings.

Protect Exposed Tooth Roots

If you have receding gums, composite resin can actually help cover the exposed tooth roots and prevent painful sensitivity.  The result is very natural and virtually invisible and will also help curb your symptoms of gum recession.

Note: If gum disease is found to be the cause of your gum recession, it’s important to address this with your dentist before choosing composite tooth bonding.

So there you have it, composite tooth bonding can help improve your smile in many ways.  The technique is an area of special interest here at Bow House Dental in Tring.  To find out more about Composite Tooth Bonding and our Mini Smile Makeover packages speak to our friendly team and book a consultation.