You’ve heard of dental implants and you’ve definitely heard of dental bridges, but what about an implant supported bridge?

An implant-supported bridge is similar to a traditional dental bridge, but the big difference is that the bridge is supported by one or more implants and not by the surrounding teeth.

Implant-supported bridges offer many benefits that traditional bridges can’t.

  • The bridge will be stronger, more secure and appear more natural looking
  • An implant supported bridge can help facilitate jaw bone growth and keep all your teeth in their natural positions
  • You don’t have to compromise the health of the neighbouring teeth to support the bridge
  • It’s unlikely that your implants will ever need to be replaced

You’ll need enough bone in your jaw in order to healthily support one or more implants and this can sometimes be a problem especially for people who have waited a few years to replace a missing tooth. If this is the case we often suggest a bone graft.

If you suffer from gum disease or another type of oral health condition, it will need to be fully treated before you can be considered for this procedure. It’s also important that you cease or refrain from smoking in order to encourage proper healing.

Are you concerned about missing teeth and gaps in your smile? Would like to find out more about dental implant treatment? Please contact the practice and find out more and how we can help you.