White Fillings from Bow House Dental, Tring, Hertfordshire

If you seek our help for toothache, or if decay is detected by your dentist during a routine check-up then your cosmetic dentist will remove all decay, leaving only healthy tooth in place. We will then restore your tooth by filling it with a white filling, which is actually tooth-coloured rather than ‘white’.

Teeth that are cracked or chipped can also be repaired using white fillings (as opposed to crowns or veneers), producing a natural finish quickly and efficiently. White fillings can be used for a range of other cosmetic repairs including closing gaps between teeth, reshaping teeth or creating a more uniform appearance overall.

If you require a white filling because of dental decay that is causing pain or discomfort then if left untreated it can lead to the development of gum disease. Fillings are the tried and tested treatment for decay but traditional amalgam fillings look unsightly, making teeth appear stained, and can leave patients feeling self-conscious. Sometimes amalgam fillings are more appropriate than white fillings (for example, in molars where discolouration cannot be seen easily, and which benefit from the greater durability of an amalgam), but at Bow House we try wherever possible to provide our clients with more natural, white fillings.

Similarly, if you already have amalgam fillings and wish to have them replaced with white fillings then your dentist may do so if this is advisable.
To see how Bow House can help you to restore your teeth to their full health or improve the appearance of your smile using white fillings please contact us today to arrange a free initial consultation.

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